Friday, 2 March 2012

Scott Martin, the American cyclist said: "To be a cyclist is to be a student of cycling's core lies pain, hard and bitter as the pit inside a juicy peach. It doesn't matter if you're sprinting for an Olympic medal, a town sign, a trailhead, or the rest stop with the homemade brownies. If you never confront pain, you're missing the essence of the sport. Without pain, there's no adversity. Without adversity, no challenge. Without challenge, no improvement. No improvement, no sense of accomplishment and no deep-down joy. Might as well be playing Tiddly-Winks".
Yup , he's right.     Although I do like a shot of tiddly-winks now and again too.   Less painful.

This has been a hard day - and it was mainly flat - apparently one gets fitter as one goes - we shall see tomorrow - as for the cyclists?  I have to say that in my (albeit limited) experience I have never come across a bunch of more altruistic sportsman/women - they will literally push you up the mountain if they think that you are not going to make it or are struggling - and this comes from no-where - you don't even have to say anything.  

We hit mountains tomorrow and this will become serious -  I may well be in need of that altaltruism before the day is out.  

Here's to cyclists -  a good bunch all in all.

Early start again tomorrow - hope that the sunrise is good. 


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  1. And remember. As Lance says ' Pain is only temporary!' Brilliant, Keep it up!!